Various Content based on the member's level in the page

Hi, I know Login plugin handles membership, but could not figure out how to display different content to different users/groups. Ie. There is a teaser content which is public which is followed by a member/paid content that is displayed to only logged in/special group of users.

Is it possible?

I’m not quiet sure if you’re referring the “content” to a page or a field. I hope this link can help:

Let me clarify. One page may have three paragraphs; p1,p2,p3. I want p1 displayed to anonymous user, p2 to user group: silver and p3 to user group: gold. In other CMS this can be done by enveloping (by a tag, section etc?) the p2 and p3 with parameters of the group permitted to see. I am quite new to Grav but I felt this is doable in nature, I wonder has anybody attempted it already.

It seems like you’re referring to field permission. I think its not in grav at the moment, see this link: