Users and Roles

On the homepage, the “Users and Roles” feature is flagged “Limited Functionality Available”, however I can’t find where to download it or any topics referencing it here. I need a front-end user management and page/resource restriction facility to host a monthly club newsletter on our website, but only allow members to see and download them. I bodged such a system with ModX many years ago, but I’d rather use a proper plugin in Grav.

Is this plugin available anywhere, or is it a closed beta test or the like?

There are ‘bits’ that are in Grav currently, and be patient because next week we plan on making our new Admin plugin available. Part of this will include the login plugin that basically provides a method to login/logout and access restricted pages.

BTW, there is also a 3rd party private plugin which provides a basic method to secure pages.

Thanks, I had a look at Private, but it does not appear to protect the PDFs from direct download. Once the Admin plugin is released I’ll look at writing a plugin of my own to implement restricted downloads.

boom… admin in the house :slight_smile:


OK, I can’t work out how to make a visible page. The “Folder Name” form field won’t accept a “.” character like “01.Test5” on either the New Page form or the Edit form. I must be missing something really obvious…