User restricted pages doesn't work

I’ve tried everything restricting to pages to only allow logged-in users just doesn’t work in the latest version of grav.

anyone else who has trouble figuring it out?

some help


  • Please share how you’ve tried implementing access to page for logged in users only.
  • Has any of above implementations worked before? If so what has changed?

The following works fine IMHO:

  • Installed fresh Grav 1.7.33 + Admin
  • Logged in to Admin to create an account
  • Added the following to frontmatter of page Typography (either using Admin or filesystem):
       login: true
  • Browsed to http://localhost/typography and a login screen is presented.

i did that and it works. The thing is when I do it on the admin I didn’t guess that this was the correct formula

Site (site): Allowed

shouldn’t it be, as I always tried

Site (site): Denied

Default: Denied

Login to Site (site.login): Allowed

but that allows anyone straight through!!