User registration breaks on sending email

Hi there,

When I have the option in the login plugin set to send an activation email on registration, the reg form breaks on submitting and no email is sent. The user.yaml file is made in the accounts directory but I get the error:

Call to undefined method Grav\Plugin\LoginPlugin::sendActivationEmail()

It was working fine earlier, and as far as I’m aware the email plugin is set up correctly as the contact form works.

Any help would be fantastic!

Hi, trying to replicate. Which version of the Login plugin are you using?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I’m using the beta plugin

If you want to see the error live - it’s on - the error should occur for any email used.

I get no error if I disable every aspect of the email part of registration.

Can you send me a zipped copy of your user/ folder via Gitter? You can remove the accounts subfolder