Use only header from (grav) website in new webapplication

I’m building an web application in another language and would like to only inlude the (dynamic) header of the grav website. Is this possible? Any hints how to realize this are appreciated.

@digirent, Uhh… a bit more clarification would also be appreciated… :slight_smile:

web application in another language

Something like a vue/angular/react app and the likes?

the (dynamic) header of the grav website

What might this be?

The application should be integrated in the look and feel of the website created with grav.
The header of the website is managed by Grav, but should be the same as in the application.
The application has e header, a body part and from the body part application specific interaction with the user thru forms, workflows, dashboards and so on. Yes it would be a consideration to create this with a grav plugin but that is to complicated and most likely not flexible enough, because of heavy database interaction.

From the application perspectief somethink like:

  1. create header => Coming from grav
  2. create body content and interaction => coming from server application

Hope this clarifies it a little bit more.

Not sure how it would work with whole navigation, but can’t you just create a page, which would return plain header HTML? Eg.