Url('theme://') fails

Hello there,

i installed grav in an subdirectory like this:
(I used the ReWrite rule in the .haccess as usal and everthing works fine).

Since i ve updated to V1.6.6 this twig command delivers only the ‘/sub/’ directory:

url(‘theme://assets/img/logo-wide.svg’) -> delvivers ‘/sub/’

I found out that ‘-’ or ‘_’ in the file name causes the failure.

So i use this workaround now:

Could be caused by the regex in your htaccess rewrite rule. Can you post the relevant portion of your rewrite rule here?

Hi dougwgough,

ofc, it is that one:

I only changed the second rule ‘RewriteBase /’ according to my subfolder.

For the file without - or _, what is the path that the browser uses to access it?