Uploaded image exists, not showing

I have a custom field in my page header, reserved for an image. The blueprint looks like this:

    type: file
    limit: 1
    destination: 'self@'
    multiple: false
        - image/*

I can upload the file just fine and it show up both the field and the page media box. It also shows up in the folder on the server as it should.

But: When reload the page editor after upload, the image field only contains a blank placeholder. Any and all attempts to reference the image is also futile.
After reloading, It still shows up in the page media box and the page header seems to contain valid information on the image.

I tried clearing the cache, to no avail…

Any idea why this is and how I would fix it?

EDIT: Seems like it was related to Cloudflare’s caching system.

Cloudflare, creating at least as many problems as it solves :slightly_frowning_face:

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