Undocumented events (e.g., `onPageFallBackUrl`)

I’m looking at the login plugin for inspiration as I work on the webmentions. I notice some events that don’t seem mentioned in the documentation—specifically, onPageFallBackUrl and the onTask.* events. I did a search of GitHub and couldn’t even find a mention of onPageFallBackUrl. Are these explained somewhere?

I did finally find the Grav.php that had the onPageFallBackURL mentioned, but I’m still not clear on what it does or where the onTask.* events come from.

There are some internalevents that are not commonly used that have slipped by the documentation process. onTaskFallBackUrl is a good example. I had completely forgotten about it because it’s only used by the login plugin currently. The fallback url process is when Grav can’t find a page, and is going to look for available media or files in that path.

For example http://yoursite.com/somepage/sample.jpg. This is just a convenient way of linking to an image, rather than having to use the exact path: http://yoursite.com/user/pages/02.somepage/sample.jpg. This is a Grav page, so Grav handles it. The onTaskFallBackUrl event is used by the login to provide ‘security’ for those URLs if need be.

The other onTask events are again internal events used by the Admin plugin. These are not something that the majority of users would need to concern themselves with. They probably have a place in the documentation in an advanced section of admin, but it’s not been a high priority to add them.

I understand priorities. I’m going to look at how I can give back to the documentation once I finish this batch of plugins. Thanks for your reply. Going to be a busy forum morning for you today :slight_smile: