Understanding Audio file handling

I’m trying to “really” understand how the native handling of audio files is done (because I want to build a playlist plugin at some point).
I installed Grav with admin panel and added a .wav file to my page content within the editor. So the following code is rendered and working fine (Chrome) <audio controls="1" alt="JC_EPiano95A-01.wav, Tada"><source src="/grav-admin/user/pages/01.home/01.home-sub-1/hal9000.mp3">Your browser does not support the audio tag.</audio> and the file is of course also added to the page folder.
I found the class AudioMedium which has the attributes name, source, controls … But I do not really find out, which other classes (MediumFactory, Medium etc.) and templates are involved in the rendering of the whole <audio>-Tag. As I’m not a PHP Guru and completely new to Grav, any help to enlighten me is very much appreciated:

  1. Where is the starting point from where the audio files are processed?
  2. Which Class(es) handle(s) the audios()?
  3. Which Classes, files, templates are involved and in which order until the markup for the HTML5 audio is complete?
    Thanks a lot

Audio simply uses HTML5 audio link tag: https://learn.getgrav.org/content/media#audio-actions

Thanks @rhukster, I understood that before - I would have liked to “dig deeper” in understanding which parts (templates, configs, classes) are involved in rendering so that I can extend and build a plugin. Seems as I have to sloooowly learn step by step and come back later :slight_smile: Sorry if my question was not clear enough.