Top link not clickable

Is it possible to make the top link in the nav not clickable? I don’t need them actual pages just a drop down heading. Thanks in advance

Really need some more information. What theme? What link? How about a screenshot? - i don’t want services or business solutions to be links or pages

Why don’t you add a custom page header to those pages like this:

notlinkable: true

Then you can just have an if statement in your menu code:

{% if page.header.notlinkable %}
<li><a href="{{ page.url">{{ }}</a></li>
{% else %}
<li><span>{{ }}</span></li>
{% endif %}

This is not going to match your code exactly, but you get the idea.

I do, I think. So bigger problem just happened. Can you take a look at the site please. I guess it is not possible to install plug ins from the admin area?

Opps i reversed the order of those if statements! Should of been the span one first, then the link.

ok, good to know

Not sure, seems to be an error in that plugin… Not one of mine, report the issue here: and uninstall or disable it.

Cool, but you can install plug ins via admin?

Sorry my old programmer died while working on this site…

This is why you should develop on a local development server, and not on your live site :slight_smile: Read this please! ->

Seriously. Not because of the site just because he had some serious cancer.

it is on a dev site

Yes of course you can install plugins via admin…

And sorry to hear about your developer! That’s awful.

that’s not the live site

all is well, i removed the plug in

Hey the end if statement in navigation.html for making a link not clickable did not work. I switched the order like you said as well. Any other suggestions?

Not sure what you mean? Does it not output with a span???

na I get an error saying that the statement wasn’t closed properly. I ended it with.

{% endif %}

Hi, i am also haveing that issue. when entering the scripted above in the top. i recieving this error 0 - Unclosed “”" in “partials/navigation.html.twig” at line 48. can someone please help?