The concept of "userid" for pages, folders

Not sure if this should go into “Plugins” or “Themes” or here. I’m trying to get the grasp of plugin and theme development in the world of Grav and am curious about the concept of “userid” (or “author”).

It seems like there’s no central idea around a “userid” for a page, for example. Maybe I mistunderstand all of this completely, but this makes it very hard to do certain things when a page is loaded/displayed/rendered.

“Certain things” could be anything from displaying a special image, a badge, logging access, or whatever it is. The point being that this is triggered by the “userid” (or possibly “groupid”) of the post, and/or by the same data from the currently logged in user.

It seems like “Author:” is optional for posts/pages, and when used, quite often contain a human readable name like “John Doe” rather than “johndoe”.

Am I getting all this wrong (probably)? :slight_smile: