Taxonomy Url Returning Incorrect Posts

I have a page that uses the TaxonomyList plugin to get a list of all categories and how many posts are for each category. This works correctly, and I link for example to /foo/tag:bar to display all posts tagged with “bar.” However, this page does not list all posts found using the TaxonomyList plugin. I’ve checked and the posts show up correctly when I navigate to /foo and are tagged properly. Any ideas? Thanks.

The TaxonomyList plugin will gather up all pages across your entire site and collate the results based on the taxonomy filter you set. In your case it’s finding all the tags.

Now your linking to this /foo page, and that page is probably set up to display a list of pages, maybe the child pages. When you pass a param to this page with a taxonomy type and value, eg /foo/tag:bar, you are only going to be filtering the content of the /foo page collection. If you have pages with tag bar that fall outside of the collection defined by /foo they will not be found. You would either have to:

a) Setup /foo so that it potentially could display all pages
b) Create a new page /baz that can display all potential pages.

The best way to accomplish this is to ensure that all pages no matter what tags it has, has a common taxonomy type, eg category: filterable (just makes something up). Then you can create a page with a collection that is defined by:

cont ent:
      @taxonomy.category: filterable

Check the Collections Docs for more examples

I found I had set content.limit = 5 in my page header. For some reason that was being ignored when I viewed the full collection (/foo), but was limiting the collection to 5 results when I filtered it using the url (/foo/tag:bar). Thanks for your help!

A little more digging and it was a bug with my pagination code not showing up.