Tagcloud with more than one route

In the taxonomylist plugin, is it possible to configure tagcloud for more than one route?

For example:

  • Trip -> 2 posts tagged “Ipanema”
  • Photo -> 5 posts tagged “Ipanema”

In the plugin config:
Route: /trip

Tagcloud correctly displays 7 posts tagged “Ipanema”, but when we click on the link, the site only displays the 2 Trip posts. (obvious)

Please, any tips for changing this behavior?


Are you referring to the actual Tagcloud plugin? That’s a different plugin from TaxonomyList.

Hello Perlkönig,
I’m referring to the Taxonomylist plugin. Tagcloud is a term used in Brazil, so it is not a reference to the tagcloud plugin ok?
I have a cloud of tags, with the following code:

{% set taxlist = taxonomylist.get() %}

{% if taxlist %}
<div class="tagcloud">
    {% for tax,value in taxlist[taxonomy] %}
      {% set active = uri.param(taxonomy) == tax ? 'active' : '' %}
      <a class="{{ active }}" title="{{ value }} {# {{ 'TOPICS'|t }} #}" href="{{ base_url_absolute }}/{{ taxonomy }},{{ config.system.param_sep }},{{ tax|e('url') }}">{{ tax }}</a>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}