Striped skeleton & Markdown rendering

Hello, me again!

I am using striped skeleton to build the website/blog. I picked it as it had the sidebar with menu and a blog already coded in. It seems like it doesn’t render certain bits of Markdown (bullets in front of bullet points and in line code for example). I had a chat on the Gitter yesterday and it was suggested to me that I should hack the CSS through development tools in the web browser so those elements are rendered on the site. I will have a proper look into that and see what I can do. (Just to put your mind at ease, I am using Markdown correctly - it looks fine in my Markdown editor preview).

But I have wondered maybe there is an easier way to change it somewhere in the skeleton files? Also, I can’t see it stated anywhere which skeletons support/render which bits, so it seems like a lot of trial and error to find one that has all the features I need - or am I missing such descriptions?

Oh, just noticed that the links render fine in my Markdown editor Preview, but are not clickable in the rendered site either.

Bullets and inline code formatting can be simply the CSS deciding to hide them, if the theme is designed this way, or maybe it’s a bug in the theme’s CSS.

Links not clickable are another issue similar to this I think.

There’s no list of things supported or not, you can check by editing the theme CSS file and remove all the code, reload the page - do they appear?