Strange browser behaviour

When I make website updates from time to time and put them via FTP on the server, people approach me saying that the website somehow looks strange or “destroyed”. Some elements haven’t loaded complete obviously so they need to refresh one or two times until the website rebuilds completely. Does that have to do something with the cache settings? I have mine off (for some reasons) and I manually clear all caches via the admin menu when I pushed a new update live. Is there any kind of setting in the config that I can set to let the people only see a complete refreshed and up to date version of the page and not just some old bits and parts which look broken?

This has to do with browser-cache, which you can either control through the server (.htaccess in Apache), or through asset-hashing. The latter is simpler, and can be set in the configuration with enable_asset_timestamp: false, which names assets differently when they change so users are force to load the newer resource.

Awesome, thank you! I am going to try that and see if it works!