Stop collection of modular children including content from regular child pages

If a page template is constructed to build it’s content from modular components, it will also include any child pages within the folder structure that begin with a number e.g. “01.a-child-page”.

Is there any way to “blacklist” these “regular” child pages from the collection “content.items: @self.modular” ?

Hmm, @self.modular should only include modular pages, ie _section folders. Regular folders without the _ naming convention should be available as children, but not be included in the building of the modular content.

Is this not the behavior your seeing? If not, I might need to check this out again as I’ve not looked at it in a little while.

I’m afraid not, all folders were included during the modular collection regardless of naming conventions.

Would you mind creating an issue here:

That way we can track and resolve this issue promptly. Also please provide any sample data or configuration that might help us recreate your issue quickly.


will do

Well I looked into this. Found the issue and fixed it in Github:


I’ve also added some filters that I needed for some admin work, should be helpful for you in your menu work: