Specify redirects at Page level

is it possible to set one or more redirects (301) directly inside the YAML file that defines a page?
I’ve read the guide and I can do it at the Site level, but I would need to set it directly in the default.md file of the page and I do not understand if it can be done.

Thank you and congratulations on this fantastic CMS!

Hello daniele, I don’t think it’s possible that way. What you can do however is specifiy arbitrary redirects under config > site > redirects & routes. Does that help?

redirect: <url>

Unless you mean specifying the redirect type. That I’m not sure of.

Thank you for the very quick response.
Yes, I had already set some redirects in the site settings correctly, but because I am migrating from an existing static site, it would have been a bit more convenient to insert the redirect directly into .md file that represents the new destination page.
I thought that maybe it could be done but I had not yet discovered how!
Thanks anyway