Social networks automated posting

Hi there,
Do you know if there is a Grav plugin to automatically publish blog posts to social networks ie: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+?
And if not do you know about any third party solution (free or paid) that could be utilized for such purposes?

I’m interested in a solution that is able to:

  • identify if post in Grav is published
  • get post topic, url or create shortened url
  • publish some message + post topic + post url to several social networks

I imagine that it could be done by using third party library + cron and some Grav API.

Any suggestions?

It would have to be cron. I’ve considered writing such a plugin, but I wasn’t going to use it myself because of the risk of duplicate postings. It’s simple enough to do, though. I’ll put it back in my coding queue.

In the meantime, you can use a service like Feedburner or IFTTT to monitor your RSS feed and do such postings for you. That’s what I used to do until I decided to just do the postings manually. When it comes to social networks, I guess I’m just a control freak :slight_smile:

I’ve read many positive opinions about ifttt. I’ll give it a try.
Thanks for your answer!

I remember now why I couldn’t do it as a plugin. The CLI doesn’t have access to the individual pages. So a site scan isn’t currently possible. Submitting that as a feature request.

If you want page level feed, probably good idea to try zappier RSS feed based posting.