Show latest update and modified

Hello everyone,

I want showing the latest date/modified date on the homepage’s footer, when a specific collection of (child) pages is last updated and/or modified.
So i make a collection from specific pages:

{% set alldogzones = page.collection({
    'items': '@root.descendants',
  }).ofType('dogzone') %}

Show total dogzones works perfect:
{{ alldogzones|length }}

But is there a specific twig-filter showing the last updated and/or last modified date from a collection?

Did you check the docs for lastModified?
I believe, if you have this enabled, then you can get latest modified page and display that date

I will display, not only last modified date, but also the latest added dogzone date, similar like on this website (see also footer).
Thanks for the link, i will try found out with this info.