Show custom meta data on page content

Hi, I added a custom meta data on configuration page - slogan-
And now I try to show the slogan on home page after site title.
i try different options

<h3>{{ site.slogan.meta }}</h3>
<h3>{{ site.slogan}}</h3>
<h3>{{ site.meta.slogan }}</h3>

but doesnt work. Can you help me please.

@NataliaB, You question would be more informative if you could share the slogan section in /user/config/site.yaml

  description: 'short text about my company'
  slogan: 'We r the best'

I think you should concatenate site title with page metadata. For example:

<h3>{{ site.title|e('html') }} - {{ page.metadata.slogan|raw }}</h3>