Shortcode not processing twig variables inside html

Since a recent update of Grav to 1.7 version, this has been an issue, some variables are not rendering its value when they are returned inside a PHP string which contains HTML tags.

  namespace Grav\Plugin\Shortcodes;
  use Thunder\Shortcode\Shortcode\ShortcodeInterface;

  class productList extends Shortcode
    public function init()
      $this->shortcode->getHandlers()->add('productList', function(ShortcodeInterface $sc) {
        // ...
        $imgTag = '<img src="{{ base_url_absolute }}" width="34" height="20" >';
        return '{% block eSelect %}
          <div class="list_images">'
          . $imgTag .  

Outputs the following:

<div class="list_images">
  <img src="%7B%7B%20base_url_absolute%20%7D%7D" width="34" height="20" >

Any ideas why is this happening? This used not to occur on previous versions.


@lo_bernat, You are probably forgetting to apply the |raw filter when outputting the generated Twig string.

See Most common issues in the upgrade docs for to Grav 1.7.

Grav 1.7 is compatible with the auto-escape function of Twig. As a security measure to prevent XSS, all output will be escaped by default, unless the |raw filter is applied like:

{{ content | raw }}

I know this issue, also using raw filter with variable, the output is not evaluating.

$imgTag = '<img src="{{ base_url_absolute | raw }}" width="34" height="20" >';
return '{% block eSelect %}
  <div class="list_images">'
  . $imgTag .  
<img src="%7B%7B%20base_url_absoute%20%7C%20raw%20%7D%7D" width="34" height="20" >

The strange thing is that if I print variable outside the HTML tag, it works fine and evaluates content.

@lo_bernat, I see this is a verbatim cross-post from this question on the repo of grav-plugin-shortcode-core.

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I’m therefor closing this post.

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