Sharing on Facebook

I would like to ask how to capture the photos with the description and blog title on facebook? When I copy the URL of passage. It shows the address only.

You need to set up OpenGraph correctly.

Thanks for your reply. But I would like to know which file(s) should I use?

You can simply put your OG Metatags in the header of your markdown files . Otherwise you are also able to put your metatags right into your Twig file with the content you just want to be displayed there.

In a site of mine I did this: in [mytheme]/templates/partials/base.html.twig I added

    <meta name="og:url" property="og:url" content="{{ page.url }}" />
    <meta name="og:title" property="og:title" content="{{ page.title }}" />
    <meta name="og:description" property="og:description" content="{{ page.metadata.description.content }}" />

and in each page I have set some custom metadata in the page header:

    description: "the page description"
    "og:image": ""

You can do it in various ways. You can also simply set your og:description to {{page.summary}} and og:image to {{|first.url}} in your Twig, so you don’t need to define them manually if you don’t need that kind of granular control over the Facebook sharing output.

Thanks a lot

Thanks flaviocopes