Set <html lang="de">

How can I set ? It 's blank at the moment with this output ->

Try setting the default language - assuming your theme implements multilanguage like this

I don’t use multilanguage at the moment. I have tested multilanguage on a test system and it added /de to the domain. It also renamed the page names. I would like to avoid those larger modifications if possible. I don’t know how important this setting is at all.

use the following code snippet to setup german as default language and to avoid the additional /deinside the url:

    - de
  include_default_lang: false
  translations: true

I’m using onepage skeleton. Should I insert the snippet into each page?

I 've found it in /user/config/system.yaml and added and modified the existing code. Here’s the content which doesn’t work yet.

- de
include_default_lang: false
translations: true
translations_fallback: true
session_store_active: false
http_accept_language: false
override_locale: false

It should already be working with the System configuration you posted.

With Antimatter it’s not possible that lang is blank, as it has

<html lang="{{ grav.language.getLanguage ?: 'en' }}">

in the file templates/partials/base.html.twig, so it’s either your language, or en.

I 'm using big-picture. It says:

Should I just copy the line from antimatter and purge the one from big-picture??

this works:

– de
includedefaultlang: true
translations: true
translationsfallback: true
sessionstoreactive: false
httpacceptlanguage: false
overridelocale: false

no, it doesn’t work. It adds another /de and the W3C Validator cannot check it

taking the snippet from antimatter does the job
No /de but correct language markup :slight_smile:

Ok it should use grav.language.getLanguage not grav.language.getActive, open an issue on that theme GitHub repository so the developer knows there’s a problem with it.

I thought you were using Antimatter as you mentioned the one-page site skeleton

I will do. Sorry for not mentioning the theme.