Routing taxonomy urls

Newbie question. Is there a way to have all taxonomy permalinks follow this logic…
By default, Grav displays all blog posts in the manner of /blog/taxonomy:term

For example:

But, is it possible for the url to be:

I’ve tried looked through the documentation and I’m still dumfounded.

Hi @all,

i have the same question as scottrod. Is it possible to rewrite the default taxonomy URL structure?


Setting a Regex based route like:

  '/(.*):(.*)': /$1/$2

should work but it doesn’t.

It could be caused by Grav using a colon in “Grav style” URL parameters, for example my-page/query:something. Replacing the colon for a directory separator clearly would render this style useless.

Personally I would be happy to give up on the “Grav style” (and fall back to my-page?query=something) in favor of being able to reroute as requested in this post.