Restrict shows preview of page

I created a user which should have access to a certain page using:

bin/plugin login newuser

I added
site.login: true
site.test: true

to the page’s header.

When I now try to show the page, I am asked for username/pass. If I pass in the credentials of the user, the page is show.

If I pass in invalid user-date (e.g. name of a non-existing user), I am getting an error, but the page is previewed (see screenshot):

Screenshot 2016-04-04 02

What’s wrong??

This is actually a bug. Fixed in, will be in the next Login plugin release.

Hey flaviocopes! I recently ported a wordpress blog over that I had begun to develop membership areas for. Time is approaching for this launch and this particular bug is preventing my final testing. Any idea when the bugfix version for this plugin will be released?

I may have found my answer here:!/general:access-and-groups-how-is-i . Regardless, the beta seems to solve the issues I was having with my testing, but now just hoping for an official release soon :wink:

Testing the beta and reporting issues, if found, will speed up the process :slight_smile: