Resizing of Title Logo

I have created a link to an image logo:
{{ pages.find(’/images’).media[‘logo.png’].html }}
When trying to apply any manipulations to this logo:
{{ pages.find(’/images’).media[‘logo.png’].cropResize=50,50.html }}'
I receive a syntax error, I am sure it is something I am doing wrong. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the correct direction?

Your mixing Markdown syntax with Twig syntax. In the media section of the docs, there are tabs for both versions. Your need to do this:

<a href=“{{ baseurl == ’' ? ‘/’ : baseurl }}”>{{ pages.find('/images').media['logo.png'].cropResize(50,50).html }}</a>

Makes perfect sense, pardon my obvious oversight. By the way, great job! Little bit of a learning curve, but we are getting there! Thank You!