Resize thumb while respecting the ratio of the image

Hi there!
I am working on a photography portfolio website. Because the original images will be quite big in filesize, I’d like to display thimbs on the portfolio overview. I use masonry to layout the images. Now I would like to resize the image/thumb in such a way that only the width is set and that the height will change accordingly to the original width-height ratio. Is there a way to do this? I tried doing this by adding a wildcard to the resize method: {{ image.cropResize(480,*).url }}, but unfortunately this did not work. Is there another way to do it?


I think this was covered in Slack?

It was. In essence: image.cropResize defines a bound-box, ie. max-sizes, not exact sizes. Thus the image’s ratio is maintained, and for a landscape-image the width-property (the first) takes precedence as long as there is room in the height-property.