Request for a critical path rendering css plugin

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I know that it is already possible to add a file.css in customcss folder, but I can not use it without the admin panel, that I don’t use.
I am interested in having inline css in <head> between <style> tags for critical path rendering matters but is not possible with the customcss folder method, that add a link.

I have thought also of the AddInlineCss method of the Asset Manager, but for a complex page, the data was given too long…

So I really would like is to have a plugin that takes my css, puts in <head> between <style> tags without spaces, and, if possible, have it well minified!

thanks in advance ☆

The best thing is to use the Assets plugin:

@rhukster Thanks

I had a look at the referenced Assets plugin.
I am not sure about what I understood from what I read in plugin README file.
It seems that every asset has to be added manually in the file.
Am I right ?
It might be convenient for occasional asset but not in my case.

I would like a plugin that takes a css file for instance in customcss folder and to it into HEAD between two <style> tags to have it inline.

There is the customcss plugin also, but it works with the admin panel that I am not using.
Is there a possinility to use this plugin without the admin panel?

The TwentyFifteen theme does this. See base.html.twig and color_scheme.html.twig. This is all base Grav functionality. I’ve yet to find something I can’t do without the Admin plugin.

Thanks for your answer.
That’s actually how I solved the question, using a twig template, and it’s working great.
But I would like to do even better.
What I would really like (being too perfectionist may be!), is to have CSS minifed (without spaces) between the two styles tags …