Reporting bug in Typhoon theme

Apparently there seems to be a bug with placing the CSP meta tag. The tag that is placed causes the Google recaptcha not to show. Removing the tag causes the captcha to show up, but then the site is of course more vulnerable to attacks. See also Recaptcha not showing up

@TonHaarmans, Uhhh… Is it really the intention of the Typhoon devs that issues should be reported here?

I couldn’t find another way… Have been looking around. But maybe I missed it. My head is busy with lots of other stuff at the moment…

Try discord, thats where the devs eat and sleep… It has its own Grav Premium section.

Great! Just went there and put my statement there…
Thanks again!

@TonHaarmans, Sorry for giving you the runaround…

Just learned the Grav Premium products have their own dedicated Github repo for issues/questions: Issues · getgrav/grav-premium-issues · GitHub

This is now resolved @TonHaarmans , I replied in Recaptcha not showing up