Remove page type from parent theme

Hello, I want to remove a “Page Template” from my parent theme in my child theme, because there are too many page type in page Template selector (admin).
How I can do that ?

Thanks in advance

Maybe it’s complicated to understand my question.
So an image is certainly better, I just want to remove template in this list.

Hi @srg404, you can do this via the config for the Admin Plugin, here is an example for you:

Let me know if that works for you too.


Hi @paulhibbitts, your solution works fine :wink:

Big thanks

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I know, this thread has been dormant for a long time, but it was actually super helpful just now.
Is there a way to do this only for specific users/groups?

Thanks so much

@Flop, AFAIK, there can only be a single config file for a plugin/theme.

You could try creating a plugin and inject JavaScript into Admin and hide page types based on the current user.