Re-useable text/ markdown blocks - best practice?

instead of pasting the same page content (pure text/ markdown) on some (but not all) pages i would rather like to outsource it and include it on demand.

what would you suggest how to do that?

i did it using twig:
{{ include('path-to-snippet.html.twig') | markdown }}

twig:true in the frontmatter.

{% verbatim %}
in the path-to-snippet.html.twig

but i don’t especially like the markdown-snippet, which is actual content and therefore should be rather located in pages/, residing in the theme/templates directory as twig template.

Hi @oufloued, I am a big fan (and user) of the Page Inject plugin (, might be something to check-out too?


Hi, you may also find this recent discussion relevant: Reuse blocks of content on different pages

indeed. thank you!
(pardon me please for the unexcusable delay)