Problems with table import, shortcode and caching

Hi - I’m using the table importer plugin to display tables on a page with a custom twig template. It’s been working until I last ran updates on Grav and all my plugins.

It seems to be linked to caching behavior as if I clear cache then the page renders, but then throws an error on reload.

The error is Call to a member function path() on null and points to TableImporterShortcode.php from the table importer plugin.

The twig code that I’m using is:

{% for list in page.header.cast_lists %}
  <h4>{{ }}</h4>
  <p>{{[].name }}</p>
  {{ "[ti file=#{list.file|} header=false]"|shortcodes }}
{% endfor %}

If I disable caching in the page override settings then I can also prevent the error from being thrown. Do I need to blanket disable cache on all these pages or is there a better way?

@dredlong, You might consider logging this issue at the GitHub repo of the plugin.

Please ping back with any result.

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Thanks, good call. Linking here in case it gets resolved there and this is useful to anyone else: