Problem with shortcodes in subpages

I am looping over a page’s subpages using {% for p of page.collection %} and then dump the shortcodes using
{{ dump(p.contentMeta.shortcodeMeta.shortcode) }} .

The dump of the shortcode object always contains the values of the very first subpage (while p.raw_content is correct). I think that’s … wrong. Or am I doing it wrong? I would assume, that p.contentMeta.shortcodeMeta should always be the shortcodes of the page that p refers to.

So as an example, if I have three subpages, each one containing this (with an increasing number for example):

[section name="text"]This is from subpage 1[/section]

and my main page looks like this:

{% for p in page.collection %}
{{ dump(p.contentMeta.shortcodeMeta.shortcode.section.text) }}
{% endfor %}

the output is

This is from subpage 1
This is from subpage 1
This is from subpage 1

instead of

This is from subpage 1
This is from subpage 2
This is from subpage 3

which is what I would expect…

I am super new to this whole Twig world, am I doing it wrong? Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

@ptrxyz, I can reproduce the issue and added a reproducible test case to the issue you submitted at the repo of ‘grav-plugin-shortcode-core’

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Thanks! I hope we can fix this at some point.