Please test Grav RC3

Today I pushed Grav 1.2.0-rc.3 and Admin 1.3.0-rc.3. Hopefully these will be the last RC versions before the final release of Grav 1.2.0 and Admin 1.3.0 respectively. To ensure this release is as solid as possible please test it out!

If you are running the latest Grav stable release, you can simply edit your System configuration and set the GPM Releases option to Testing. Then check for new updates.

If you want to test it stand-alone you can download packages from:

Please report any issues here:


I found it some little display problems on /admin/user/account with the switches, using other language different than english.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11

I’m using the final 1.2.0 Grav and the add page button in the admin section doesn’t seem to work, or am I missing something? New permissions? Chrome and Firefox tested.

Probably a javascript error on my end.

Problem solved, was my own javascript.

@jrivero please create an issue here: