Pdf-js, only one embedded frame per page?

I’ve just started using pdf-js on a Getgrav web site, and it’s great.

One question: I just tried embedding two PDF presentations on the same page. The top one shows up great (e.g. I can scroll to p 9 of 9), but the second one only shows the header bar (with a page number of 1) and the body is empty.

I’ll do a workaround. In the meantime …

(1) Does anyone have more than one PDF embedded on a single page?

(2) The documentation at https://github.com/iusvar/grav-plugin-pdf-js says the shortcode format is [pdfjs option1=“value1” option2=“value2” … /] , but then doesn’t list any more options than “file” and “data”. Has anyone used any additional options?


  1. for now you can embed only one pdf … I’m looking for a suitable solution

  2. the format of the options is just an example, I have exaggerated with the options, in fact you need only one parameter