Path to blog in modular pages

hi there,

if i decided to use an blog inside the modular pages, so that latest blog entries are shown as module how can i change the path? routes are not working for this enviroment. setup:

01.home -> _blog -> blopost1,blogpost2…

the outputted path via page.url is /home/_blog/blogpost1. i want to get rid of the /home/_blog/ routes are not working for this environment. maybe there is no solution but maybe somebody has a nice idea.

One simple sure-fire way is to set the path to the blog in your site.yaml, then simple reference it:

{{ }}

Another option is you can use find() like this:

{{ page.find('/blog').url }}

mhh that’s clear but my blog is under a modular page (01.home is modular inside is _blog and inside _blog are the items). in one block of modular there are the last 3 blog entries visible. on click it links to that specific blog post. but the url looks not that nice ( ). if i set the blog variable it doesn’t find the blog posts at all.
page.url routs in the right direction but with “ugly” url…

Well you can’t route to a modular page. You can route to the top level (eg home, but if that is built from modular pages, you cannot route to part, because it is does not exist as a standalone page, its just a bit of a larger page. If that makes sense. You should link back to the homepage, if thats’ where the blog is.

You could put a named anchor above the blog section of your homepage:

<a name="blog"></a>

then link to /home#blog

Then it would go to the blog section of your homepage

ok thanks i’ll give it a try.