Paginate flex collection

I have updated the guestbook plugin to a recent plugin skeleton using flex-objects, see GitHub - pikim/grav-plugin-guestbook: Grav Guestbook Plugin. Now I’d like to be able to paginate the stored messages in twig using the standard pagination plugin. Is this possible?

If I do

{% set collection = grav.get('flex').collection('guestbook') %}
{% do paginate(collection, 3) %}

I get the error that the types of argument 1 don’t match:

Argument 1 passed to Grav\Plugin\Pagination\PaginationHelper::__construct() must be an instance of Grav\Common\Page\Collection, instance of Grav\Common\Flex\Types\Generic\GenericIndex given

The manual says that flex collections can be paginated with the slice filter. But this way I would have to write all the business logic behind that, wouldn’t I?

@pikim, As you may have experienced, I don’t think that Page collections and Flex collections share the same interface.

At first glance, I’m afraid an extension of plugin Pagination is required, or an entire new FlexPagination plugin needs to be created.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at the pagination plugin.

Do you know how I can add flex layout files to plugins? I tried to copy them to user/plugins/guestbook/templates/flex/guestbook/collection/default.html.twig and user/plugins/guestbook/templates/flex/guestbook/object/default.html.twig, but that doesn’t work. I get a ERROR: Layout 'default' for flex collection 'guestbook' was not found. error on the displayed page with URL /directory:guestbook. When I copy them to the according flex-objects plugin directory, it works.


Do you know how…

I have no idea. I’m not a flex user and I simply read/write form entries from/into a yaml file. Old school perhaps, but so far I haven’t found a compelling use-case to invest time in it. It feels too complex to my liking.

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Maybe it is oldschool, but that’s ok when it works. I think I’ll go with the current version as It’s ok for me for now.