requires clearing cache?

I added this code to one of my templates.

{% for image in %} {{ image.cropResize(300,200).html }} {% endfor %}

I had one jpg file in the page’s folder. When I viewed the page in a browser, I didn’t see the image. After I cleared the cache via the Admin Panel Dashboard, I then saw the image in the browser. If I add additional images, I have to clear the cache again to see the added images. Is this how Grav should work?

Grav really relies on the filesystem modification timestamps to determine if the cache should be cleared. On some systems, some file actions (such as deleting, renaming, or even dragging in older images than the .md file), aren’t enough to trigger the re-caching.

On my Mac, most every function is enough (except deleting a file). However, for development it’s best to just turn caching off.