Page limit question

I just stumbled upon Grav a few days ago and I am very exited about the prospect of using it for a few projects I’m working on. One of those projects is a blog where we’ll be pumping out about 500-1000 blog posts per year. It’s going to be a replacement of an already established blog, but we’ll not be migrating our old posts. Will Grav be a suitable solution for us, or will it struggle with that post volume after a few years? What do you think is the maximum amount of posts Grav will be able to handle?

Being a flat-file CMS Grav definitely is more constrained than a traditional CMS when it comes to large sites. Currently I would estimate a 1000 pages is the realistic limit for a Grav site. However, we do have some plans and ideas that will improve Grav’s performance on large sites, and let it scale larger. So this number should improve in the future. Also we have discussed the idea of having a Database plugin that could potentially drop-in and help in these large site situations too.

Thanks for your reply. That’s what I thought and I guess for the big project we’ll look at other options for now. I have started using Grav for one of my other projects and really love it! It’s got huge potential and I think you and the team are doing a fantastic job. I haven’t been this excited about a piece of web software for a long time!