Page access: Advanced->Visible vs Security->PageAccess

Hey community, I’m confused with the access control of Grav.

I have a set of pages that I want to be visible only to me, while I edit them. Therefore, I don’t want them to appear in the navigation menu of non Admin users.

What I’ve tried:

  • On the top level page, I set Security->PageAccess->“Menu Visibility Requires Access” to Yes and Page Access to admin.login
  • On children pages, I set “Inherit permissions” in Security->PagePermissions

As a result, it works in a way that only I, the admin, can see the pages. Yet all users, including non-loggedin users, can see my pages titles in the navigation menu. I need them hidden.

If I Disable Visible in the Advanced menu of the top level page, then the page is hidden from the navigation menu for all users, including the admin.

Is it a bug? If I refer to Editor (Security) | Grav Documentation, the sentence is clear “Set to Yes if page should be shown in menus only if user can access them.”, yet it is shown in menus.

Grav and Theme: latest versions, Admin and Login plugins, Quark