Once again: using Retina-ready images in Grav


I’m still stuck with my page and no progress so far to get it online. Still thinking about which tool to use for publishing my cartoon and comics page. :frowning:

One think which kept me away to choose Grav as tool is the image handling. I had the issue that when using an image, lets say width 1600px, it was always shown with its maximum size, regardless which display type I was using. I never figured out the way on how to use the image handling in Grav.

The problem I try to solve is that I want my images show on my site always with the dimension 800px width. For retina displays an image with original width of 1600px should be scaled down to 800px to have the sharpened look.

It would be great if anyone could help me with this. I wasn’t able to solve it myself.

Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

I too have a problem with Grav automatically resizes the image to the largest possible width… I am using the image resize plugin to get 5 different sizes. And I also tried adding custom size in the image markdown.

So, you’re also looking for a solution about Retina-ready images …

Anyone out there giving us two a hint?

Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

Are the retina media actions not helpful for something like that? https://learn.getgrav.org/content/media#higher-density-displays

Well, I did as written in de manual with the result, that the 1600px image was shown in full width. Expectation was to have it viewed in half the size.

I also had the idea to store my images in a folder, where they generally can be accessed and use retina.js as solution to display the correct one.

Regards, Thomas