Nunopress gmaps

I just discovered Grav today. I have been able to do things with it that took me weeks of learning with other CMSs. I am using the nunopress gmaps plugin but because I’m a beginner, I cannot get the rendered map to be right-aligned to the text describing the map. I think this is to be done outside the plugin object, like in HTML around the Twig code or with CSS, am I right? Can someone tell me how to right align the twig gmaps snippet in this example:? I’m using the One Page Skeleton.

…some text of a modular page of a one-page site…
{{ gmaps({‘address’: ‘14.614112, -90.554640’, ‘zoom’: 16}) }}

Unfortunately @nunopress got caught up in a big project and we’ve not seen him in some months. You can try creating an issue on the gmaps GitHub repo though.

BTW, there is another one you can try: