Need to add a column to my footer

Hello, I need to add a column to my footer - - I am new to Grav and have found where I control the existing columns but not how to add one. Thank you.

It depends on a theme you’re using. If theme supports it, then it should be easy. If you’re using some custom theme, you need to implement it via templates

In my theme there is a section that addresses the footer. But it is very rigid on options. Please the screenshots that included and can you give me your thoughts?

@tomsilver01, looks like you are using a custom theme, originally for, and looking at the theme options + site footer, i guess the only built-in option left is to create nav links in the footer, so if you need anything else, you’ll need theme customization

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if your footer is dynamic may using blueprints as templates too, but it’s static, just define in your partials templates, i.e, footer.twig