Navigation dropdown menu according to lang

♪ Bonsoir

i am trying to get navigation dropdown menu according to langswitcher.current (= current language of page) in the following navigation.html.twig part of the code
(where dropdown collection is described… correct if wrong):

<ul class="navigation">
    {% if theme_config.dropdown.enabled %}
        {{ _self.loop(pages.) }}
    {% else %}

What should I write in place of pages (in {{ _self.loop(pages.) }}) to restrict to current language of page and get to the point ?

Sorry that my coding knowledge is not sufficient enough

Thanks in advance for help ☆

Ok I got to the point! ♪ Hurrah ! ! !

It is not really the way I wanted (see above …) but it works.


for each post, whatever the original 3 versions:

  • one in french (1st language):
  • one in japanese (2nd language):
  • one in english (3rd language):

If the post is avalaible in the 3 languages, no problem.

if the post is available in fr only :
in header of files not to be displayed in menus and body:


set 2 new parameters to:
visible: false (so that it do not appear in the navigation bar)
published: false (so it is not displayed in page).

Then every thing is fine ! ! ! !

ok it’a little bit heavy to have each time 3 .md documents