Move buttons in showcase

Hi Guys,

I’ve developing a site in Grav and have added buttons to the showcase on this page that’s using the blog layout. I’ve added the buttons and managed to set up a custom class so that the style is the same.

What I can’t figure out is how the buttons are in the middle of the page in a modular showcase but on a partial showcase I can’t get them across. Sure I can add margin or position them relative etc but I’m trying to see the difference between modular and partial showcases and I just can’t see a variation in the code that would be causing the buttons to float over to the left like this?

Essentially I would like it looking the same as the modular pages I’ve set up

Any ideas?

The .modular .showcase selector adds text-align: center; on your modular pages, your blog page does not have that. I’d suggest adding that CSS rule to the .blog-header class.

ARRRRGH! How did I miss that…so simple! Thanks so much man…that was driving me bonkers.