Mobile Navigation - Photographer

Hello! How to add navigation for mobile in Photographer Theme? Thanks!

Actually that was a bug. This change is already in develop branch and waiting to be released. You can see modified file here:

Same problem in on-page skeleton demo.
Same solution?

No. On-page skeleton has a different code. If you think it’s a bug, you can submit it here:

Karol, at the moment, the menu is displayed but the menu item selection is not transferred to another page. How long can still delay the process fixes a bug with the menu? Thanks! =))

Looks like i simply forgot to include mobile menu script. See fix:

Thank you! But mobile menu is displayed only on the main page or where not there is the .md file ( 404 error). What can you advise?

Apply fix above. I double checked photographer with that fix and I assure you it’s displaying on all pages correctly.

If it’s not displaying for you can you provide link to your website ?

Thanks :slight_smile: That makes it easier. I forgot to paste link with small change for gallery pages as well:
After that i think you should be good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. What is the reason that the template gallery did not use the JS file from base.html.twig?

I had to do that because gallery was using completely different set of java scripts and js files to include…