Mobile menu icon (Solved)

I am stuck on what should be simple.
I can not find where the color of the three bars for the mobile nav is set.
I have looked at the generated code in Chrome but can not find it. I can find no gif or png.
Some times I use 3 rows of – and set up spacing to give me this symbol but setting the header text to black did not solve it.
I am using Gantry 5 and modifying Hydrogen.
Got my custom css set up and working. Set the header to white and the menu toggle is obviously not visible. So it seems to be in the header, but I can not find it in chrome inspect in the compiled html?
Sorry if this is simple I am just starting with Grav. It always seems to be the little things.

Hi there,

What theme you’re using?


Thanks is this what you are looking for?

Ha, Oh sorry.
I over read it. Yeah thats it.

Can i see your page? Don’t have the possibility to install the theme right now.

Thanks I have some meetings will deal with this when I get back.

Sorry having problems moving my site from localhost on my computer to my server so you can see it.
When i upload and correct the haccess it wont work? I am simply copying the whole site to the server.
Filezilla keeps telling me a file exists? but the folder was empty before the upload?
Once I have it sorted I will get back with the url.
Just making a fresh install and trying to upload the zip back up of my local site to the server to get the whole data up and running.
Will get back when I have solved this.
Other test instances from a fresh upload of the downloaded file from Grav website work just fine, so it is not a server problem.
Note just spoke to my provider and they have a problem so I am waiting for them to fix it.

OK. Let’s wait and see :wink:

OK got things up and running. Only very basic at the moment just sorting out the look but got stuck with the mobile link.
Had to use a different server though still no joy from 1und1.


The div before your header is:

<div class="g-offcanvas-toggle" data-offcanvas-toggle="" aria-controls="g-offcanvas" aria-expanded="false"><i class="fa fa-fw fa-bars"></i></div>

The css:

.g-offcanvas-toggle {
    font-size: 1.5rem;
    color: #fff;
    display: none;

Just change color: #fff to color:#000 (Black)

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Thanks I will try that in the morning.