Microblogging with grav

I’d like to run a small, personal microblooging site where I post notes, pictures and videos on a daily basis. So far I used https://withknown.com/ for that, but I wonder if its possible to achieve the same with grav, cause I’d like to keep control of my files.

Could you give me a hint to themes and plugins that might help me with this?

I’m personally using a local install with modifications of Voxpelli’s Micropub to GitHub project, along with GitSync, and also a modified version of this media endpoint - Which allows me to upload pictures. I did this to work with the micro.blog app though - you may have different requirements.

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There are several, for example the Notepad-theme or Project Space-theme, but any page in Grav will accept Markdown-content, and uploaded pictures and videos. It depends rather on how you want to display it all, and there are many themes to choose from or try out.

A variety of plugins could make it easier to do microblogging, like SEO, Shortcodes, Taxonomy List for easier display of categories and tags, etc. It really depends on how much you want to do, but once you have Admin installed it’s a doddle to install a plugin, try it out, and uninstall it if you change your mind.

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My web host only provides PHP so I’d like to know if someone has experience with a (self hosted) PHP Micropub server.

Another thing I want to find out is, how to deal with the required title and slug. If you manually create posts (directly from a file or through the admin panel).

Does micropubbing need anything else? Grav only needs a fairly standard PHP-installation, and as far as I can tell micropubbing only requires some API-interconnectivity, which PHP can easily accomodate.

I agree, however, I am not a programmer (anymore) so this would be a little hard to do myself. That’s why I asked. I presume a (plugin) script that is listening to incoming request (like the webmention receiver) and creates pages as needed.