MathJax and Learn2


I am experiencing a problem with the latest version of learn2 v1.6.3 and MathJax v1.5.1 . The plugin does not work with the text still displaying as text, not as an equation.

I have installed MathJax v1.5.1 via the Admin Panel v1.4.2 (have tried manually as well). I have checked the console in Chrome and I’m getting the following 404 access errors when the plugin is trying to GET:

Surely it should be pulling these files from the CDN am I using, not from these address as these do not even exist?


Both enabled:true and active:true are set globally in the Admin Panel.

My site is HTTPS ( , could that be causing the issue?

I’ve uploaded some screenshots:

Screenshot1 Screenshot2

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jabah,

I answered your issue on the MathJax issue tracker #5.