Markdown links to google play store are being stripped

I would like to link to Google play store but Grav is stripping part of the link it seems

For instance


Results in:

Can anyone help me get rid of that filter?

Hi @Japhy, you might want to try the &noprocess parm on the link (so Grav does not try to further process the link):

Please let me know if the above works for you.

Are you making this link with markdown? You haven’t showed us the source of your link.

If it’s markdown, I have used this successfully:

[![Get it on Google Play](play-store-badge.png)](

The no &noprocess parameter did the trick, I seem to remember.

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Thanks Paul and Hugh, indeed this did the trick!

Sorry it took me a while to respond didn’t get email notifications. Was looking at the wrong inbox :wink:

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No problem. For some reason I thought Paul was suggesting another method so my reply was technically redundant!